Selling your home isn’t just about selling one of your largest financial assets. It’s about maintaining the integrity of all of the memories you made during your time there and ensuring that it passes to someone who’ll appreciate it as much as you have.

It’s a big process, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. Interview enough agents, and you’ll hear a lot of the same things: We’ll work really hard to market your home. We’ll take some photos. We’ll upload your home to 350+ websites. We’ll try an open house. And so on.

Here at HAWT Homes, we do more. Here’s a bit about what you can expect:

1. Your home sold, or we’ll list it for free!

It doesn’t make sense to hire a full-service++ agent unless you’re receiving superior results. If you agree to trust us and follow all of our advice, we’ll guarantee in writing that you’ll get an offer on your property in less time than the average DOM for your area. 

If we don’t live up to that promise, we’ll reduce the listing commission to 0%.

2. Your home will be easier to buy

Most real estate agents only market the 30% of buyers who are first time buyers. We’ll market to them + the other 70% through buyer incentives they can’t refuse!

3. No-hassle selling on your terms

Not everyone wants to sell on the open market right away. We get it. It’s a hassle to clean, stage, paint, and reno/remod. If you’re still living in the home, it’s a pain accommodating every showing, every open house, and every schedule change, especially if you work from home, have pets, and/or have kids.

If you aren’t ready to go through the process but want us to start looking for interested buyers, reach out to us. We’ll get a sense for your goals and proactively work to find you the perfect buyer!

4. Seamless move

Wherever you’re moving to next whether it’s in the area or out, we will help you with your move. We work diligently every day to find the best agents from around the world who will do an amazing job for you.

Let us handle everything with your move, and we’ll work to keep the whole process smooth.

5. No pressure, easy out.

We only want to work with you if you want to work with us! If at any point during the home pre-marketing process, you feel that we’re not the the right agents for you, just give us written notice, and we can break our agreement without any hidden fees or penalty.

+ Make the world a better place!

For every referral you send our way, we’ll donate a significant portion of our income to the cause or charity of your choice at closing. It’s our way of saying, “Thank you!” for your trust and loyalty.


More and more discount brokers keep popping up, promising to do the same job for less. While that certainly sounds good, think about it for a moment:

What would you do if you took a 66% pay cut? Would you have more resources or fewer to truly market your product? Would you have any incentive to communicate quickly, clearly, and respectfully? How would your customer service be affected by having to take on 3x as many jobs just to make-up for the difference in income?

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